Arriving at Lub d

Arriving at Lub d, voted as one of the best hostels in Asia, I quickly saw how this conclusion was met. Smack bang in the middle of hectic Bangkok along the constant busyness of Silom Road this was the first hostel my travel buddy and I have ever stayed in, ever. The start of my twenty-month trip was to start here, surrounded by like-minded travellers, bustling roads either side as well as the standard 7/11 store close by. Lub d has an array of features, which is every hostel goer’s dream such as spacious dorms, a vibrant bar, tables with chairs outside, good quality showers, an elephant statue to greet you but most importantly solid wifi. Sure to say we were excited and apprehensive at what was to come in Bangkok.
Shortly after checking in we head to our dorm room to unpack. Disaster strikes when I discover my shower gel has burst in my backpack, what a mare. Not the greatest start to my trip but we get dressed and head out to the busy streets of Bangkok, accompanied by the well-known ‘Bangkok smell’. A newly acquired friend from the hostel joins us and we head to the streets for some Thai green curry.
What we noticed on our first few days were the constant stream of fellow travellers who liked to congregate outside with a Chang to hand. Chang is a local beer, which is not regulated so you could be having a beer, which is 1% alcohol, or it could be as high as 12%, it really was potluck. It is fair to say we got involved! This was the first time we really got to know people and this Chang talk got us speaking to people from all over the world such as Korea, Canada. USA, New Zealand, Germany and Australia.
This gathering was quickly turning into a heavy drinking session and the plan was to head out to the famous and lively Koh San Road in the middle of Bangkok. Straight away Lub d had presented us with new friends, drinking sessions and new experiences, this was a lively night out. We experienced new activities such as eating scorpions, collecting wristbands, dancing with locals and singing new songs. After a hair raising tuk tuk ride back to Lub d which was a result of us placing money to each driver for who ever gets to Lub d first. After this adrenalin rush it was fair to say I couldn’t wait to get to bed in my dorm.
This theme lasted for the whole week we were there which was only supposed to be three nights, the thing is we met so many great people in a great hostel in a great atmosphere we just couldn’t leave. The little restaurant across the road provides delicious local food, which the lady brings over to the hostel for when your hangover kicks in, absolute dream. The Lub d spirit implores that you all come together to get to know each other with a drink, tell each other your stories, your plans and where you will head to next. Most of all people offer advice and tips for your trip ahead as well potentially joining you for the ride. Friendships were made and still last to this day and there is always that special bond of being in Lub d. People were caught up with around the globe and times were reminisced with a great feeling of happiness. This truly remarkable week kick started our trip in Asia and the experiences had at Lub d gave us a springboard of confidence and excitement to move forward to our next destination. Lub d will always hold a special place in our heart and with that the people we met, one-day maybe one day I might just visit again. #travel #lubd #thailand #bangkok #backpacker #travelblog #hostel #friends #blog

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