On my travels throughout New Zealand I had heard so much about Queenstown and what is to come that I couldn’t contain my excitement. The vibe straight away was electrifying. Snow drop mountains dominated the sky around us as we checked in to Nomads Hostel. Backpackers surrounded us with a skip in their step. As soon as we settled in they were describing local spots and encouraging us to visit these at all costs. Five minutes in we had been advised to go luging, take a walk around the lake, skydive, bungee jump, go for a jog, go to a list of bars and eat a Fergburger. Where do you start?


As we walked around the grid system that is central Queenstown the café culture hit us and we plot the four days we had there. We quickly realised that this might not be enough. The first on our hit list was the luging which is accessible by a cable cart to the top of the mini mountain. Once you arrive, you turn around and gaze at the mastery that is Queenstown from the balcony by the café, the great height gives you an even better view. A panoramic photo is a must for your travel diary. Luging was interesting, an activity where you are placed in a small go kart armed with only a brake, the downhill track gives you enough speed. I found it exhilarating as well as frustrating as I was constantly losing to my friends which caused me to clip the curb and flip myself over. Covered in cuts, bruises and grazes to my arms and body I head to the main office where they catch it on camera, me flipping mid-air. This caused absolute laughter to my friends and other tourists but unfortunately, we were not allowed to take the photo as it would be “bad publicity.”


The only way to deal with the luging debacle was to go for a night out in Queenstown and hit the bars and clubs. A must for any traveller is the Worlds End bar which supplies you with tea pots containing cocktails. The pumping music, party vibe and cheap drinks makes it a great night. We had a great time drinking and partying until the early hours before trudging back to the hostel.  The next day we went for lunch at Fergburger to deal with the hangover and my word there is some serious choice of burgers. A Fergburger is a large burger with sumptuous fillings in a massive bun which will not leave you hungry. Its quirky little restaurant with its risky food titles makes it a hit and a highlight of Queenstown.  It is also open all night should you want to drop in at the end of a night out.


For fitness freaks a trendy little jog around Queenstown would be spectacular with the views around you and also testing with the hills available to conquer. We had a rather large group of around twenty people accumulated at the hostel for a game of football at the local rugby field which was available for use to the public. At this point we had been travelling for four months and were buzzing to play some sport. Everyone was excited and we headed to the pitch which was a ten-minute walk away. I seem to recall my team losing but the energy around our new friends on this travelling adventure together was filled with positivity and so much zest for life. We headed on another famous Queenstown night, starting with Fergburger, heading to the ice bar, which was on our list of bars, and finishing in the Worlds End bar, as usual.


During this night out I believe I was at my most satisfied and happiest with travelling as I was having a cracking time with new friends on our Kiwi Experience. We had all bonded together and created a real positive atmosphere of enjoying activities and enjoying the moment. We were living for each day and something new. Despite Queenstown being so small there was endless amount of stuff to do. Queenstown is a special little concrete jungle surrounded by scenery which will take your breath away and will make you want to go back and enjoy it all again. This place is addictive and the dream would be to live there whilst working but I wouldn’t expect to save any money in doing so. I made a promise to go back and I will be doing so in the next coming years, I cannot wait.


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