A weekend in Copenhagen


Bring your trendy clothes, coffee taste buds, money and your walking shoes as a weekend in Copenhagen will bring an extra zest to your travel life. The efficient Danes make travelling around very easy, especially as they all speak English, bonus! Every day will you will plan to see a different part of Copenhagen which will entice you to grab a coffee a local café and look at the photos you have just taken. Of course you will need to do the standard check list of Nyhavn, Meat Packing District, street food market, Freetown and the Round Tower but there is plenty more to see if you venture to the not so touristy parts.


Fantastic clear skies and mild weather made our weekend there a dream to explore without worrying about if we got wet. You can book a hotel in central Copenhagen but I would advise getting an air bnb accommodation in a more upcoming area such as Norrebro. Get yourself down Jaegersborggade and check out the lovely little cafes either side of the road which ends with a serene walk through Assistens Cemetery. Look out for Soren Kierkegaard’s and Hans Christian Andersen’s tombstones. It’s that good that Vogue did a write up on it. Transport links are great to the centre of Copenhagen and include buses and trains. By night booming bars will provide you with a vibe which will make you want to drink there all night long.


Eating out is expensive and this cannot be denied even for a seasoned budget traveller like myself. A standard meal is going to cost around £10-£12 but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t find some great deals. Wander towards the Meatpacking District (Kodbyen) where you will find an endless supply of options for all different kinds of foods. We personally plumped for Tommi’s Burgers which boasted the best burger in town and veggie options too, safe to say for DKK100 (£12) we had a great burger, chips and a drink. The Copenhagen Street Food complex on the Paper Island across the water from Nyhavn has a plethora of options for food spanning from all countries across the world and yet again will cost DKK100. Sink your teeth in to some quality food, grab a beer and enjoy the party atmosphere. Get there early though as this place will get packed out as they night goes on.


Everyone wants the standard picture of the city from a height and the Rudetaarn (The Round Tower) in the centre of town will do the trick. You walk the steady climb to the top inside the tower and once the top, gaze over Copenhagen with your camera. We did queue for the Christiansborg Palace which has a free entry to the tower but the queue was long and we sacked it off as we valued our time more. Afterwards we stumbled in to a trendy little café by the name of Tak for Kaffe which is off the main shopping street of Valkendorfsgade for some delicious homemade cakes and coffee.


Café culture in Copenhagen is one of the best I have experienced for options and quality. There will be a list of places to test your coffee tasting and cake tasting skills on. You will see the Costa equivalent of Expresso House dotted around central Copenhagen and this will guarantee you good coffee and good wifi, but try to get out of this habit. Nyhavn has lots of little bars/cafes/restaurants along the river to get your teeth stuck in to for a coffee or beer. You will be paying premium price as this the area on the top ten lists on google but it must be done. A lovely little find for breakfast and good coffee was the Paludan café which is a library containing a trendy café/restaurant. A breakfast which in size is massive and in taste sensational is a must here. The atmosphere is stimulating with people studying and catching up keeping it hygge. The classic Scandanavian Laundromat Café is situated in central Copenhagen and is like its sister café in Reykjavik with loud décor and trendy drinks.


Overall Copenhagen is cheap to get there and back but expensive to stay in. You will need to the Krone in to enjoy the fruits of this trendy city with its excellent café culture, picturesque buildings and sensational options on food. To really fit in get yourself an air bnb and a bike and get stuck in to the local culture around the outside of the centre. If you are not on a budget the Noma café can be an activity to tick off the life CV. Just remember to keep it hygge.


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