NZ road trip – Day 1 – Auckland to Kaikohe

After a lovely stay in Auckland with family friends of Emma’s we picked up our campervan from Spaceships. We got some essential food in and had lunch before the 5 hour journey. We travelled from Auckland to Cowshed Campsite just outside Kaikohe. The journey took us along highway 20 heading north before we headed west on highway 16. We took the scenic route on the west side of Northlands, the name for this area. 

This decision was in part for the scenery but it hammered it down for nearly 2 hours! We decided to take a break for a coffee and cake at a local cafe called Village Cafe which was in Paparoa. We then proceeded to head past Dargaville and in to the Waipoua Forest for a fantastic drive. The road was weaving in and around the shrubbery. The lush green forest was a sight! As we left the rainforest the rain halted and we were close to Omapere.

When we arrived at a scenic point before heading down in to Omapere we were flabbergasted at the feast our eyes had around the corner. The view from this point was out of this world, simply breathtaking. Our view over the water consisted of mountains projecting out of the sea accompanied by a mist with the sun beating down upon them. As I was driving it made me jump as it crept up on us.

We stopped off in town for some sunset photos along the water and beach with the smell of fish and chips in the air. As the sun began to disappear we captured as many photos as possible before heading off to camp. We arrived in darkness and met the campsite owners and their dog. For $10 a night it had everything such as a shower, Wi-Fi, toilet, kitchen and a cowshed to hang out in. A long day but it was totally worth it by the stunning photos near the end of our drive. A great start!

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