NZ road trip – Day 2 – Kaikohe – Cape Reigna – Paihia

A beautiful morning with clear skies, mild weather and some great sunshine bestowed upon us as we woke up early for day 2 of our road trip. After leaving our campsite at The Cowshed, we planned to head north to Ahipara then on to Cape Reigna then back down to stay somewhere in Paihia. After saying goodbyes to the gorgeous dogs of the owners, the owners themselves and the fellow campers we headed off.

We set off on highway 1 then ventured off to the left to approach the seaside town of Ahipara. The reason for going was to see the epic coastline which was the start of 90 mile beach. You can actually drive on this but only with your own car as hire cars are not ensured due to the “road” which was sand. As we arrived (nearly out of petrol) the scenery was great, locals were driving their quad bikes on the beach and the backdrop was grand. After this we headed to Kaitaia for a coffee and petrol. 

The journey was straight forward now as we headed up north on highway 1. The aim was the northern tip of New Zealand, Cape Reigna. Along the way we saw some sea and mountains merging together with rainforest not too far behind. As we made the climb up towards the look out point, anticipation was growing. We finally reached our destination.

A cheeky spot of lunch then we took the paths to the lighthouse by the sea and caught some epic glimpses that surrounded us. This is where the Pacific ocean and the Tasman sea meet and collide. There is plaques dotted around to offer you some history about this special place. You do realise how powerful and big nature is. After admiring the views and taking some photos we headed to Paihia which was a 2.5 hour trip. 

As we arrived when it was dark and most places had closed we had to settle for a hostel named Centabay in Paihia. A lesson learnt that arriving late after sunset decreases your chance of landing a spot to kip for the night. Anyways the plan is to sleep and look at the Bay of Islands tomorrow and another night in the area. 

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