NZ road trip – Day 4 – Ngunguru – Whenuakite

Today we set off on our 5 hour journey to the east of NZ towards Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach. This would take us through Auckland and many other towns, one named Thames. 

We stopped off in Auckland for lunch but made our destination at 1530. We parked the car and headed on the 30min walk down to the cove. The day was simply stunning again with clear blue skies and very mild.
The view from the car park was like the rest of the new zealand so far, stunning. This place continues to amaze us with it a grandeur and powerful presence. We could see for miles different islands in the distance which make up this part of the world.

More look outs were available as we made our little journey to the beach. Once we arrived to this little bit of paradise the array of colours around us was extensive. Beach, rock, a waterfall, water and some vegetarian was all crammed in to this little area. The little view through the gap in the cove is one for the cameras.

A great place to stop and admire the beauty. We reluctantly headed off to our next campsite which was called Seabreeze. Tomorrow our plan is to head towards Hobbiton and Rotorua. 

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