NZ road trip – Day 5 – Hot Water Beach – Hobbiton – Rotorua 

Today we went to Hot Water Beach in the morning for an early dip. This place is very strange and magical at the same time. You have spots on the sand where natural hot water comes from springs underground. You then dig a hole to get this water, then a path to the sea water and when the wave comes they mix. This creates a lovely warm pool of water to settle down in. We just had a dip with our feet as we had to head off straight away but it was lovely. 
After this we made our trek to Hobbiton via Tauranga to catch some lunch. It would take 2 hours to Tauranga then another hour to Hobbiton. We found a great local cafe where I smashed a fry up, much needed.
We arrived at Hobbiton for the 1450 tour and looked around this unbelievable set. Admittedly I have not seen any of the film’s or read any of the books but the pure scale of this was great. The detail and the amount of effort to build this was stunning. The guide provided us with some great facts about the films and it’s cast. At $79 this was worth the money and even better for those Tolkien fans. 

The tour lasted nearly 2 hours and we had a Hobbiton pint at the Green Dragon which is exclusive to this pub only. After getting back to the campervan we then headed to Rotorua where we will spend 2 nights checking out the local area. 

3 thoughts on “NZ road trip – Day 5 – Hot Water Beach – Hobbiton – Rotorua 

      1. Hi mate,
        Loved the travelling blogs, you got a hell of a lot in! Was looking to visit NZ again next year, but couldn’t make it work. Hope you guys can find jobs in Wellington. Definitely my favourite city. Would recommend the Six o’clock swill and BBQ night at The Cambridge Hotel. Does a good brekkie as well.
        Looking to go back to NZ in 2020 when England are there again.
        Enjoy yourselves and catch up in Feb in Sydney. Gilo


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