NZ road trip – Day 6 – Rotorua 

We decided to spend an extra night in Rotorua to look around town and have a break from driving. This included walking around Kairua Park and looking at the various hot spots which the town is built around. Rotorua is built around a volcano and there is Sulphur all around you, a bit like a town smelling of eggs. We also had a cheeky look at the Saturday market. A bit of a grim day as it rained all day and didn’t stop once. 

After looking around Government Gardens and getting a view of the lake which Rotorua is situated on we went to tbe Polynesian Spa. Here we relaxed in natural spring waters at degrees of 38-41 celcius. A much needed treatment of the skin which felt incredible. We lasted nearly two hours before we headed off for some late lunch. 

After another cheeky trip to Countdown supermarket we headed off to the campsite to cook dinner. Here we met a group of Germans who were very keen to hear what we were up to. We had pizza, chips and beans which was much needed. Afterwards we hung out in the lounge and planned the next day. We would head off towards Taupo via Wai-O-Tapu.

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