NZ road trip – Day 7 – Rotorua – Waiotapu – Taupo

After a cracking breakfast we left our campsite and headed towards Taupo stopping off at Waiotapu to visit some thermal activity. This area is sitting on a volcanic bed with nature taking over. The colours are due to the chemical reactions happening in the earth below and forcing it’s way to the top. The ‘Champaigne Pool’ had a plethora of gases and colours. The left over sulphur from the Champaigne Pool spills in to this pool and rises to the top. The green colour confirms that it is an active mineral. Staggering!

After visiting this area we then drove to Haku Falls which is the most visited and photographed natural attraction in NZ. It was impressive to view the amount of water this place provides. Every three seconds the amount of water on the water was enough to full three Olympic swimming pool. There is enough water and energy at this place to provide NZ 15% of it’s energy. Always learning!

We stayed at Motutere Bay besides the Taupo lake and the sunset was spectacular. The next day we are going to Hawkes Bay known as the wine region. We are going to visit the cities Napier and Hastings as well as various vineyards.

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