NZ road trip – Day 8 – Taupo to Napier

We woke up to a fantastic morning on Taupo Lake and had a great breakfast with a great view. The decision to travel to Hawkes Bay excited us as we could do some wine tasting and visit some trendy cafes. It is an area which has been built in the Art Deco style due to the massive earthquake in the 30s. 

The journey took two hours and we arrived for some lunch and a look around town. We took a stroll along the parade and we were warned that any dip in the sea would be met with an immediate drop. This area was redesigned by the earthquake and certain areas uprooted. 

After some admin and visiting of cafes and shops we then arranged to stay in a vineyard for the night. A couple who owned a farm rented their driveway as a place to kip for the night. Free eggs, silence, animals, a clear night and a great toilet made it a perfect night for camping. We also met some fellow travellers who were working in the local area. They provided some good advice for work and some good stories.

We loved Napier as a city and it’s one we would consider to settle in. The only problem is the majority of jobs would be season based. That was something to consider. It reminded me of the classic seaside towns of England with their old buildings and piers. 

Tomorrow we plan to visit Hastings (the next town along) and quite a few vineyards for some wine tasting. 

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