NZ road trip – Days 12-14 – Wellington 

Having been stationed in Wellington for a sizeable amount of time, we decided to check out some local areas for when we return in a few weeks. The idea was to get an idea of an area to live in and how close it would be to possible jobs. My overview is that any area is close to the CBD. Wellington with how it is built has everything you need in walking distance. It is built on a bit of flat land in between steep hills which has been redesigned by earthquakes over time. It really has everything you need and at a convenience.

The airport is 10 minutes away from the centre on bus and the sight of planes landing is a spectacular one. Beaches are at both ends of Wellington which is great for those early morning walks or dare I say runs. Cafes and restaurants are in abundance and we won’t get bored exploring these. Each hill side has a look out point for the city with unbelievable views on offer.

Rent prices are surprisingly cheap for a capital city and you pay more for the views which is fine by me as hiking these steep hills daily could get annoying. Public transport is easy to navigate and at a reasonable cost. The Sunday market has a plethora of choices for fruit and veg and this will be a weekly ritual. Our hosts for our Air Bnb stays in Wellington have been welcoming and helpful with useful tips of things to see and do. They really have endeared us to the local population.

Entertainment such as rugby, gigs, comedy, cricket, cinema etc will keep us occupied. Whereas the plan is to see NZ on a weekend, it is reassuring to know that there is enough here to keep us entertained and busy otherwise. With the South Island at our fingertips the options are endless. Whether it is the North Island, Wellington, the South Island or a cheeky trip to Australia, there really is a lot of choice.

Finally, the job market seems varied and plentiful. The process of applying for jobs has begun and hopefully we can land them pretty quickly with money disappearing fast. The lifestyle here attracts me more than any other place in NZ. If only the wind could lay off a bit though. 

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