NZ road trip – Day 19+20 – Hokitika – Franz Josef – Wanaka 

When we left the Woodstock Pub in Hokitika it was lashing it down and we could sense that Franz Josef would be a wash out. As we approached the town It certainly was so we parked up at the hot pools and got stuck in. We had the place to ourselves. There were 4 pools of varying degrees and with the airy rain it made a nice sensation of hot and cool. After several hours we got out and made lunch and researched where to stay. We decided the Glow Worm Hostel. For $18 we had access to all the facilities on offer, result.

As we set off the weather started to clear and we took the opportunity to stop off at many points on the way. We pinpointed the Blue Pools near Makarora as a stop off point. Along the way we stopped off at Bruce Bay. In New Zealand there are signs telling you of view points and points of interest. Therefore it’s very easy to plan your stops, we did this in abundance. 

The Blue Pools was an area of suspension bridges over pools of water near a fast paced river. With the mountains in the background it was a sight for the memory bank. People do jump in from the bridges but none of that today as the water would have been cold. 

As we set off again we were about 40km from Wanaka and the drive would take us along the Wanaka and Hawea lakes. Simply put the drive was spectacular. Weaving around the mountains alongside the lakes with a clear day was just perfect. As per usual we stopped off at any point which presented itself with a photo and we simply obliged.

The plan is to stay in Wanaka a night at the Luggate Cricket Club then either stay another night or get to Queenstown. With us now applying for jobs and the budget getting lower, places like Queenstown is quite expensive. We will weigh it all up and decide accordingly. 

2 thoughts on “NZ road trip – Day 19+20 – Hokitika – Franz Josef – Wanaka 

  1. I’m loving all the pictures. It seems like you’ve been fairly left by yourselves everywhere, which is perfect for me. It’s always been high on my list of places to visit and I’m getting more convinced with each blog post. 😀


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