NZ road trip – Day 21+22 – Wanaka – Queenstown 

Queenstown is a cool place and one of my favourite places in the world. The setting of this little town by a lake amongst mountains is purely magical all year round. As we arrive in to spring the days are warmer but there is still snow on the mountains, perfect I say. As we drove from Wanaka the weather was cloudy and mild. We decided to scout the town out and wait for the predicted good weather the day after. 

As predicted on Tuesday the weather was spectacular with clear blue skies. We had a fry up for $10 and then took the gondola to the hill, went luging, had lunch, walked up Queenstown Hill, smashed dinner and then nipped to the casino. What a day! So many photos were taken.

As a place this has everything you need but there is a reason we can’t stay and work here. That is, cost. Competition for jobs is high for a place riddled with backpackers and the rent is very expensive. There just wouldn’t be a chance to save money. So many activities to do such as hand gliding, luging, paragliding, speedboating, river cruises, drinking, skiing, snowboarding, parachuting, hiking, eating out, casino, cafes etc etc. This is a place great for a weekend blow out which we will come back and do at some point. 

I had great memories of this place from four years ago but it was a different time. Then it was partying and not seeing Queenstown in the day, now it was appreciating it more. I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t wait to come back again but until then we continue to Milford Sound. 

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