NZ road trip – Day 23+24 – Queenstown – Ta Anau – Milford Sound – Lumsden 

We left Queenstown feeling that we absolutely loved our time there but also we couldn’t wait to go back. Next time with more money and time, we plan to do more activities and see more of the night life. It was another lovely day again as we planned to set off. After finding a cracking brekky for $12 we set off to get petrol and we aimed for Te Anau on our way to Milford Sound. 

As we set off, Scott’s car had a mishap and had to get it fixed meaning we carried on and waited for news if Scott would join us on the tour of Milford Sound in the morning. We cracked on and reached Te Anau and decided to stay at this little town by the lake. Scott got the good news and was going to join us for the Milford Sound in the morning. We decided to stay at the Lakeview Holiday park.

Next morning we set off for the 1.5 hour journey to Milford Sound. We were just hoping for good weather. It was cloudy until we reached the mountains where the sky cleared up. When we reached the destination we were relieved of the weather. We met Scott and grabbed a coffee. 

Milford Sound is part of the Fiord National Park and the surrounding areas are just breathtaking. Mountains and valleys everywhere you look. There really is an Instagram photo at every two minutes. Being situated in South West New Zealand it’s known for its unpredictable weather. An area covered in fiords, forest and sea it’s bound to be. 

At 10am we boarded our boat and set off on the two hour journey weaving around the fiord. It’s crazy to think that this area of water between the mountains was carved out by glaciers over thousands of years. We managed to get a lot of photos and too many to post on here but here is the best. 

After some lunch we set off to our base for the night which was in Lumsden. A free campsite in the middle of the town with facilities to cook and also toilets, this was a great place to stay. The day after we travel to Invercargill and the south coast.

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