NZ road trip – Day 25+26 – Lumsden – Dunedin 

We left Lumsden early and the plan was to get a cheap brekky in Invercargill then head to a camp in Kuramea along the south coast. After unsuccessfully scouting for a cheap brekky in Invercargill we left visiting various points on the south coast. First stop was Waipapa Lighthouse where we met a massive seal and her kid. Strange creatures who are so elegant in the water but on land absolute slobs.

The best stop probably being Curio Bay at Waikawa where there was a spectacular look out over the bay and we had lunch there. Here you could see dolphins, seals and possibly penguins. The colour of the water was incredible too. 

From here we drove to our campsite which was near Owaka and it was a lovely drive through green hills and little villages. Once at the campsite which was situated by the sea the dusk and dawn photos were awesome. A great little campsite with a lounge, huge kitchen and great toilet/facilities. Still being the quiet season there was no one about. 

After getting up and smashing eggs and beans on toast in Owaka our plan was to head to Dunedin. One stop off was planned at Nugget Point. Here was bits of rock sticking out of the water looking like nuggets. The day was quite cloudy and not the best for photo taking. 

After stopping here for a bit we arrived in Dunedin at lunchtime and booked ourselves in to Manor House hostel for a night. Situated close to town this was a great location to park our cars and walk around the town. Dunedin was full of trendy cafes, bars, young people and a van which has lads in it doing laps around the city centre blasting out music. I felt like I was transported back to uni days but I liked the feel of the place. We ate out at a local restaurant and nipped to the casino again. 

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