My name is James Hammond and I have been infested with the travel bug since 2010 and there seems to be no cure for me at present. After a very sheltered childhood growing up in Norwich where the nearest ‘big’ place is Ipswich or Kings Lynn you don’t get much of an education of different places, cultures or even cities. I began to venture out when I went to university in London. An impromptu trip to Australia in 2010 for Christmas and New Years to go and watch the Ashes (cricket for those who don’t know) changed my life. After experiencing Australia for 3 weeks I started to think about going back and maybe seeing other places on the way and after. Post Ashes I gave up and blagged the rest of my degree to really concentrate on planning a trip of a lifetime as a backpacker, suddenly my focus of being passionate about music changed to travelling. January 2013 I embarked on my trip for 20 months and went to 23 countries. This spanned South East Asia, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, South America, Caribbean, Canada, USA and Iceland to home. Since I have been back I have been working and travelling in England to pay my credit card and overdraft debts and doing a bit of travelling in between. Now is the time where I really want to share what I have experienced and what I am going to experience. There is a new exciting venture up ahead which will start in Borneo. My thinking is I can write and share what I have done and bring you live blogging whilst on the road too. Let the journey of a blogger begin, I am right up for it.