Can you believe that I didn’t take a camera around Asia, New Zealand, Fiji and Australia when I first travelled in 2013? What an idiot! I bought an iPad which I thought would be a great accessory when travelling, in truth it helped with long bus journeys for watching TV shows but for photos not a great move. I am going to share some little tips with essentials you might need to take for your trip.

Camera/Smartphone – I am not a tech geek or expert but it is pretty standard in modern times to take a smartphone with a decent camera with you on your travels. Smartphones are increasing their capability every year and I think taking one with you makes taking photos so much easier and accessible. They are good enough to take awesome photos to add to your Facebook account or your blog at a later date. When you are hiking that mountain, trekking that trail or just sightseeing around the town you can snap quickly and easily with a smartphone. A GoPro type gadget is great for taking videos and photos. You can catch real life on the go and when attached to yourself it could catch that magic photo everyone wants. Therefore I have plumped for a TEC.BEAN 4K Action Camera, I intend to use this for live videos, trekking, photos those moments where you think it could be memorable. The best thing about this gadget is connecting it via an app on your smartphone and using it from there. No excuse to miss something potentially special and life changing.

Notebook/Chromebook – Although smartphones are almost a laptop these days I find taking a light notebook with you is great for keeping a blog, making notes, booking flights, watching movies and uploading photos. I have purchased a HP Stream 13 inch so I can type away at my blog and upload my photos on the go wherever I am. This laptop si slim, light and very efficient. Great purchase! Every hostel you go to will have wifi so skyping or facetiming would be great too. A laptop of between £100-£250 is enough to accept if it does get stolen or lost.

Padlocks – These are crucial for keeping your belongings safe whether that is in a hostel, on transport or around town. You can never be too careful and although it has never happened to me, I certainly met people who have had stuff nicked from them. Hostels usually have lockers so a padlock on your bag and the locker cant be too bad.

First Aid Kit – Absolutely essential for the different continents you would be visiting. Essentials like plasters, malaria tablets, Paracetemol, Ibuprofen, scissors, alcohol wipes, bandages and any other medication would need to be added. If you plan to hike treks and climb some mountains you can not rely on the local medical kit only so taking your own is the safest thing to do.

Clothing/shoes – A quality pair of hiking/running shoes are essential for the all the hiking you will do, make sure you have broken in to them first. There will be nothing worse than blisters on your feet on your trip. When travelling I carried only around 10kg-12kg so packing stuff was at a premium. Baring in mind the weather conditions of the countries you travel in, the type of clothing will be essential. I didn’t take any warm clothes and bought them when I needed them, they weigh to much. Essentially I carried t-shirts, shorts, a jumper, one pair of jeans, pairs of socks, boxer shorts and one hoodie. Rotate them and wash them regularly and that’s all you need!

Misc – Good quality earphones/headphones are an essential item for the long trips on transport you will be making. Music is key to any trip and there will be lots of time you will need it. Sunglasses and a hat are stuff I buy from a local market when I go travelling and these are important for protection against the sun. A travel adaptor is a great little gadget to have as a lot of countries use the American or European plugging system.

Apps – Certain apps are essential for travelling and I will list below the must have for my trip coming up and for any trip a fellow traveller will make.

Accommodation – Hostelworld,, Air BnB and Expedia.

Flights – Skyscanner, EasyJey, RyanAir, Air Asia and anyline you might use regularly.

Travel – Campermate (for campervan trips), Lonely Planet Guides, Google Maps.